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Inno Sense Combi Hackamore long Mullen Hard

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This jawpiece is a combination of a hackamore with a bit. The hackamore combi is a leveraged jawpiece that provides pressure on the nose, chin and in the mouth. The longer the hackamore's shanks, the stronger the effect. This combination with long shanks has a sharper effect than the short hackamore combi. These bits are often used on very enthusiastic horses in the course. Due to the leverage, this is a fairly sharp bit and therefore not suitable for the inexperienced rider.

The Inno sense mullen is a straight bar that bends slightly forward. This mouthpiece is made of plastic. It has a rigid core, so that the mullen bar is not flexible, but feels soft. 

Bits from the Inno Sense collection can be used for all horses, but are particularly suitable for young horses and horses with a sensitive mouth. The plastic used is FDA approved, which means that the material is non-toxic and contains no plasticizers. Horses ridden on an Inno Sense mouthpiece follow the hand easily and accept the bit quickly.

The bits of TRUST equestrian are ultra-Dutch. All bits are designed, developed and handmade in the Netherlands. Every day a team of technical professionals works on the production of the TRUST bits. Trust bits are composed with the greatest care and made of the best materials, the quality control and standard is therefore very high. 

TRUST bits are anatomically shaped. The balance between shape, material and weight is constantly taken into account. TRUST bits are slightly curved so that they are better shaped towards the horse’s mouth. Because of this anatomical shape, the bit lies better in the mouth and the pressure is better distributed.