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Dermaxin cream

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Does your horse have itching, eczema, fungi, mites, cuts, scrapes, bites, large and deep wounds, burns or dry skin?
For all skin conditions we have the solution: DERMAXIN! Also antibacterial & stimulates hair growth.
Thanks to the combination of three powerful plants, Dermaxin has both protective, nourishing and soothing characteristics for the skin.
This triple effect is achieved by the special and unique formula of Dermaxin.
1.Marigold: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal.
2.Tea tree: antibacterial, wound-healing, anti-fungal and itch-relieving.
3.St. John's wort: wound healing, anti-inflammatory and itch relieving
Clean the affected area & apply a thin layer of Dermaxin and massage into the skin. Dermaxin forms a protective layer, relieves itching and prevents infections caused by insects. The active ingredients of the cream continuously penetrate into the skin.
Due to the many essential oils in the product, we strongly recommend that you do not apply Dermaxin in direct sunlight. Preferably apply the daily treatment only in the evenings.