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ComfortStall Stable Flooring

Why fit ComfortStall?

ComfortStall is a veterinary approved orthopedic, fully sealed and impermeable stable flooring. This superior surface offers many health and savings benefits: 

  • Musculoskeletal Health - The orthopedic foam provides cushioned anti fatigue support to joints, tendons and ligaments.
  • Respiratory Health - The fully sealed padded design promotes respiratory health by eliminating the need for deep dusty beds and preventing any build up of ammonia.
  • Rest and Recovery -  superior comfort and anti slip properties provide your horse with the best surface to rest effectively and recover from exercise or injury.
  • Savings and Efficiency - It can pay for itself in just over a year by saving you money on shavings, labour and removal costs.


The Secret to Superiority

ComfortStall was co-developed with Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, New York, and comprises of three key veterinarian recommended components: 

  • Precision Foam - A proprietary 'spring in your step' orthopedic padding made up of chemically cross-linked polyethylene closed cell medical grade padding which is laminated for structural integrity. 
  • IronClad TopCover - Made from 5 layers; 2 of tough, tightly woven polyester/nylon mesh, sandwiched between three layers of dense, vulcanised latex free rubber to offer unmatched structural stability, durability and an impermeable, waterproof surface.
  • HDPE Anchor Strips -  The IronClad TopCover is fitted up the sides of the stall walls and then fixed with anchor strips creating an completely sealed impermeable barrier.

The Benefits of ComfortStall

  Musculoskeletal Health 

  • The complex and delicate musculoskeletal system of the horse, conformation abnormalities and horses' natural flight instinct means that horses are very prone to injury and lameness.  
  • ComfortStall's orthopedic padded flooring absorbs shock and provides cushioned anti fatigue support to joints, tendons and ligaments thereby helping to prevent and manage musculoskeletal health issues.
  • ComfortStall is used and recommended for musculoskeletal health by internationally renowned veterinarians, professional riders, horse owners and trainers. 

 Respiratory Health

  • Stabling horses for long periods of time can affect respiratory health. ComfortStall has been specifically designed to help create a low dust and no ammonia environment to promote good respiratory health in the stabled horse. See how below:
  1. The orthopedic design of ComfortStall means no need for thick dusty stable beds as the flooring itself provides supreme comfort. A small amount of dust free bedding would ensure urea is soaked up. 
  2. The fully sealed impermeable Ironclad Top Cover ensures that there are no gap, joins or seams that can hide harmful ammonia gases and bacteria. The surface is easy to keep clean and disinfect on a regular basis thereby providing confident biosecurity for a yard. The top cover also dried quickly allowing the horse to return to it's stall. 

Rest and Recovery 

  • The padded shock absorbing anti fatigue design of ComfortStall provides a safe and comfortable environment for horses to lie down more frequently and get the 60 minutes of REM sleep they need each day. 
  • ComfortStall is ideal for horses on stall rest because of injury, lameness, surgery or laminitis. The anti-slip yielding properties of the surface gives horses the purchase they need to get up and down without hurting themselves or affecting their recovery. 
  • ComfortStall has thermal properties which offer protection from extreme cold and high temperatures which is particularly helpful for senior horses who may not be able to regulate their body temperature as well as they use to. 
  • This flooring system also offers a better stable atmosphere due to its sound reducing properties which will help highly sensitive horses to 'zone out' 'switch off' and rest effectively. 

Savings and Efficiency

  • It can pay for itself in just over a year by saving you money on shavings, labour and removal costs.
  • Make your yard more efficient with quicker and easier mucking out. ComfortStall does not need maintaining and it's fully sealed so easy to clean.


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