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About us

Royal Horse Food is a company based in Dubai (UAE), founded in 2014 with clients all over the Gulf area. What first started as a company specialised in the needs of horses such as horse feeds and supplements, became a trusted supplier for well-known European equestrian brands in the Middle East. 

By supplying a wide range of high quality equestrian brands we support the equestrian community. Horse friendly and high quality equipment have a positive influence on horse and rider and help to expand the knowledge around horse care in the Middle East, which is a growing Equestrian market.

Collaborating with brands such as but not limited to Kentucky Horsewear, Incrediwear Equine, HayGain and Trust Equestrian makes Royal Horse Food a valuable Equestrian partner for customers and businesses in the Middle East.

Al Hesan Al Malaki Veterinary Medicines Trading LLC