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Dr. Repel Sweet Itch Serum

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Dr-Repel serum for the treatment of summer rash in horses. A precise blend of MCT oil and pitch oil designed and tested for the treatment of summer rash. MCT oil is an easily biodegradable and skin emollient vegetable oil. Tea Tree Oil and Pitch Oil treats and prevents the development of summer rashes.


Dr.Repel Serum is applied to the mane and tailbone of the horse so that the product is spread over the entire treated area, at the root of the coat. Use a separate teat bottle for application.

Always apply the product under the belly, on the chest, sides and head using a towel. Prevent rashes by starting treatment as early as possible in the spring. Also effective for the treatment of stinging tick bites in autumn.

The product is also suitable for other skin problems. The packaging materials are recyclable. Package size 200 ml. Packaging 12 pcs/carton