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Sugarbeet Pellets | Van Gorp

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Volume: 20kg

Sugarbeet pellets are a residual product of sugar production from sugar beet. Horses usually like beet pellets very much because the pressed pulp still contains a little sugar. Sugarbeet pellets have a quite low protein content and a high calcium content. The special feature of Sugarbeet pellets is that it contains pectin, a given fiber. Pectin is a complex carbohydrate that the enzymes can not digest in the small intestine, but the bacteria in the blind intestine easily and quickly can. This type of fiber stimulates the growth of the so-called good bacteria. For horses with poor intestinal flora it can be an excellent addition to the diet. It also has a high fiber content which stimulates intestinal function and can provide extra fiber for example for sporthorses after training or competition.

Dry beet pellets absorb a lot of water in a short time, even during chewing, the beet pellets swell in the horses and after swallowing it can clog in the esophagus. An esophageal blockage must be resolved quickly and is not always easy.

Therefor DRY beet pellets should never be fed to horses!