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VanGorp| Foal starter Pellets

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Volume: 20kg

Horsefood Foal Pellet Starter contains all the nutrients for the youthful growth of a foal, so that it can develop into a healthy, strong and vital animal. This grain contains grains, milk powder and soybeans. The Horsefood Foal Pellet Starter is a good start to solid nutrition. The pellet is very easily absorbed and contains a high proportion of vitamins and folic acid for optimal youth growth up to the age of ± ½ years. The added copper chelate is an organic form of copper and is therefore better absorbed into the blood. After this, the foal receives the Horsefood Yearling / mare pellet to support it further development. At an age of ± 2.5 years, switch to Horsefood Basic-Sport pellet, Horsefood Condition pellet, Horsefood XP-EQ Yeast pellet or Horsefood Performance pellet. This chunk is produced in 5mm thickness.