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Deep Fetlock Boots NEW

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Color - Black

- Strong TPU shell with multiple ventilation holes for optimum ventilation and cooling
- Designed with improved cut for maximum freedom of movement
- High breathable 3D Spacer lining for even more comfort and breathability
- Extended piece out of soft rubber to protect the pastern area
- Approved for young horse classes

The Deep fetlock boots are made out a of strong TPU shell with multiple ventilation holes and a bigger triangle mesh ventilation.
The inside part of the boots is reinforced with an extra layer of TPU to sustain high abrasion when the hind legs are moving.
The Deep Fetlock Boots have an extended 3D spacer lining that covers the inside of the pastern area and protects against cuts or other injuries. The outside of the 3D spacer is reinforced with a soft rubber.
The Deep Fetlock boots are approved for show jumping classes for young horses according to the FEI rules.

Fabrics and materials
The boots are made with our highly breathable and well know 3D Spacer lining used in our 3D spacer turnout boots and horse rug. They have a robust outer shell made of lightweight yet strong TPU shell.
Our extra high quality Velcro closure provides maximum grip and security for your horse, so the boots don’t twist or slip down.

Shape and size
Thanks to the anatomically shaped design the boots fit nicely around the horse leg to give a maximum comfort and protection. This allows to give the horse a maximum of freedom of movement to be able to jump better.

The boots are available in size M

Care instructions
The boots are machine washable at 30°C (no tumble dryer). We always advice to use a washing bag to avoid scratches caused by the tumble. You can easily use our boots cleaner, specially developed for TPU boots, to give the boots the finishing touch to make them look like new.