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BR Leather Conditioner 500ml

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BR Leather Conditioner cares for and protects leather as well as adding a brilliant shine. The product penetrates deep into the structure of the leather, filling and sealing the pores to create a barrier against grease, dirt and sweat. This keeps the leather soft, clean and supple. PH-neutral.

Instructions for use: Apply evenly to the leather, gently rub with a soft, damp and clean cloth or sponge and allow to dry. Then polish the leather with a soft, dry and clean cloth. For optimal results, clean the leather before conditioning with BR Leather Cleaner, article 763001. Regular use will extend the life of your leather. Do not use on aniline leather, untreated leather, nubuck or suede. Test before use on a small patch in an unseen area. Shake well before use. For external use only. Volume 500 ml.