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BR Training Saddle Pad

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The BR training pad Alaska has a unique design with elastic straps which help the horse to move correctly. Moreover, also the back- and abdominal muscles are trained. The elastic straps are removable and adjustable for a perfect fit. You can easily attach the straps thanks to the snap hooks. On the saddle pad there is a phone pocket so you can keep track of training data.

Product features:
This handy saddle pad with elastic straps helps your horse to train the back and abdominal muscles. This way, the core muscles and hindquarters of the horse are activated so that the horse is encouraged to move correctly. Training with this saddle pad contributes to improving the balance and movement of the horse and can improve sports performance. The training pad is also a tool that can be recommended by animal physiotherapists for rehabilitating horses and horses with back problems.

The training pad can be used both while riding and while lunging.