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Cooling Gel Equivi

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External Muscle and Tendon Cold Therapy for Horses • Cools and relieves muscle aches • Treats inflammation and swelling around joints • Approved and certified by FEI lab • Contains NO banned substances • Is not sticky and leaves no dye

A more comfortable and longer lasting solution than conventional ice packs. Our cooling gels are much more convenient to transport and can be used in situations where using ice or cold water spraying can be inconvenient, impossible and irresponsible. 

Our ingredients have been used for over a thousand years to relieve pain in both the human and animal body. Menthol and camphor are known as "counter-irritant" ingredients that relieve pain by triggering the sensory nerve endings to reduce pain in the underlying muscles or joints served by the same nerves. 

Helps reduce inflammation and swelling. Some of our ingredients have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. This aids in recovery from both acute and chronic joint and tendon injuries.

• Acute Injury: Reduces the inflammatory response when used immediately after an injury has occurred. Also aids in the healing process when applied for the duration of the injury by reducing circulation to the affected area.

• Chronic injury: In older or more chronic inflammation, menthol and camphor reduce circulation and reduce inflammation.