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Equitex Luxe Velvet Jumping Saddle Pad

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Color - Beige

THE WORLD’S NO 1 Equine Back Protection

Equitex Saddle Pads are an Artisan product, handcrafted in Northern Italy.  Advanced technical fabrics provide soft cushioning, impact absorption and the ultimate in comfort, style and performance for both horse and rider.

BACK PROTECTION: The responsive foam inner compensates for imperfections and prevents pressure points, delivering perfect weight distribution.

BREATHABLE AND WICKS AWAY SWEAT: The components are the most breathable and moisture wicking materials on the market. Underside, the smooth surface of the high quality TechVelvet avoids dirt accumulation and offers quick-drying, antibacterial properties.

NON RUBBING – These pads remains soft and smooth in extreme conditions (sweat, cold, heat, rain) and there are no contact points with seams or stitching to irritate or rub.

GUARANTEED NON SLIP: Silica grips on the contact points with the saddle eliminate movement in any direction, but NOTHING adheres to the horse’s coat.  They have been shown to work extremely well for horses that are barrel shaped with very little wither that may suffer with saddle movement. NO STRAPS required!

SPINE CLEARANCE: Designed in such a way to provide a generous 50mm clearance over the wither and spine.  Because the pads don’t slip, they don’t drop down and therefore this clearance is maintained at all times.  Check the spine after you’ve ridden, it will always be dry no mater how hot your horse gets as this design feature allows for continual airflow.

WASHING CARE: Equitex pads are extremely easy to keep clean.  They can be machine washed at 30 degrees (delicate cycle) and Max Spin 600 prm.  As Equitex pads don’t gather as much dirt or hair as a traditional cotton cloth, it negates the need for washing after each use.   After riding, turn up-side-down to air try and once dry, brush/wipe off any loose hairs or salt crust.

Pads can be hosed down on the yard and even Jet Washed to get you competition pads really clean!

Equine Practitioners, Saddle Fitters and Therapist recommend Equitex for the welfare of the horse in ridden work.  If your equine professional isn’t already recommending Equitex but would like to know more, please ask them to contact us for information.