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Stomach problems are common in horses. Mainly in sport horses but also in recreational horses, brood mares and even young foals. Stomach complications occur because the stomach lining becomes damaged by excessively acidic stomach contents resulting in gastritis or ulcers.

Horses with gastric complications often suffer from the following symptoms: decreased appetite, reduced performance, poor coat, gritting teeth, weight loss, ... Gastro-Care+ neutralizes excess stomach acid on the one hand and on the other hand protects the stomach lining from irritation.

Thanks to the addition of glutamine and sodium bicarbonate, Gastro-Care+ is going to speed up the recovery of the damaged mucosa. Matricaria recutita and magnesium have a soothing effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa which relieves the unpleasant stomach feeling. Gastro-Care+ has an extremely powerful and protective effect on the gastric mucosa and ensures that gastric complications in horses occur less frequently.