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Gemstone Browband by Horse Remedy

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The real hematite stone of vital energy. It brings courage,
strength and will!

Tigers eye:

Tigers eye is a true stone of protection. It invites us to be ourselves without being influenced by the evil energies of others voluntary or involuntary. It brings confidence by reducing passing stress and
helping to make decisions.

Pink Quartz:

It is a symbol of love and benevolence. It helps to erase emotional sentences and stimulate friendship /attachment.

Smoky quartz:

Stone of rooting and of lucidity, the Smoky Quartz allows to take up challenges, to fight against the
stress and to fight the gloom. It will also help the
acceptance and knowledge of one's own physique.


Known for its calming and relaxing virtues, Jade is a very popular stone in China. Good to clarify the mind, it stimulates the brain functions on the energetic level.

The leather is handcrafted in Belgium.

The stones, coming from the 4 corners of the world are certified "Conscious stones" allowing all people to associate their stone to a charitable project around a mine. These are carefully selected by a certified gemologist.

Cleaning: Stones should be regularly washed and
cleaned. The latter absorb the energies of their
environment. In addition, dust can affect the properties of crystals.

Pass stones under running water to purify and clean. To recharge your crystals, you can place them in the sun(be careful not to leave the quartz too long in your absence in the direct sun for a long time for the risks of fires) or lunar light (mainly during the full moon Or moon changes).