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Haygain Forager

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The Forager from Haygain - the ideal slow feeder that encourages a natural way of eating forage so your horse stays healthy and happy.  

The Forager has been designed to simulate a horse’s natural, slow and steady eating behaviour. The design ensures only small, bite sized, portions of hay can be taken at one time and this has a number of physical and mental health benefits for horses that are stabled for long periods of time.  

Slow Feeding Benefits:   

  • Aid Digestive Health – optimum digestive health requires a consistent supply of forage which not only protects the stomach but also promotes consistent fermentation, effectively keeping the hindgut weighted and motile, thereby preventing conditions that contribute to Colic.  
  • Promotes saliva - consistent chewing of small portions of forage maintains a flow of saliva which is crucial for the stomach and digestion.  
  • Helps to reduce the risk of Gastric Ulcers   a steady supply of forage to the stomach creates a protective mat on top of the stomach contents preventing gastric acid splashing onto the sensitive upper region as well as good supply of saliva acts as a buffer against gastric acid. 
  • Alleviates boredom and associated stable vices  slow feeding helps to combat stable boredom, discomfort and vices such as cribbing, stall kicking and weaving.  
  • Weight management – the Forager offers the ability to provide access to forage 24/7 without allowing horses to over-eat or gorge. Ideal for overweight or horses prone to laminitis.  
  • Eliminates the need for haynets – haynets are known for putting strain on a horses musculoskeletal system. 
  • Ensures a clean supply of forage with no waste – stops cross contamination of forage and bedding. Saves time and money on mucking out and hay wastage.  
  • Easy to use, fill, clean and can be flat packed for travel.   


Key Forager Features: 

  • Two Interchangeable regulator grids letting you choose between two regulator difficulty levels – white (Easy) or green (Standard). A Regulator Refill Pack is available to buy hereThe regulators are expected to wear over time and will need replacing. How often they are replaced will depend on the amount of use and force applied by the horse. 
  • EasyOn regulator click and secure system making filling the Forager quick and easy. 
  • The unique external metal slider prevents horses from bypassing or tipping the regulator. It also acts as a gauge so you can easily see from afar how much forage remains in the feeder.  
  • Strong top ring with four holding rubber fixings to ensure structural stability and absorb sound. 
  • The robust slit sides are designed to let in both air and light – this ensures horses are happy feeding to the very bottom, eating every last scrap, as well as allowing air to circulate through the forage.  This unique features ensures no hay is wasted and the forager remains hygienic.     
  • The entire base can be filled with kiln dried sand to ensure maximum stability and, if necessary, the unit can be tied to the wall from the built in fixing points. 
  • Fully collapsible to allow for easy cleaning and portability. 
  • Specifically chosen horse-friendly colours and dimensions to satisfy even the fussiest of horses.    

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