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Haygain Steam Generator Descaler

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Haygain's descaler is specially formulated to help remove limescale. It is the recommended tool for cleaning your Haygain steam generator, use the Descaler regularly to keep it limescale and trouble-free. 

1 Packet - 250g - will complete one descaling cycle, all you need to do is mix with hot water and pour in. It is recommended to descale every four to six weeks.

Limescale will build up and form on heating elements in a steamer or other device due to the calcium found in water. This decreases performance, increases running costs and shortens the life of the element.

The descaler's ingredients uses mild citric acid which ensures that the exposed element inside the machine is not damaged, whilst being powerful enough to thoroughly clean out the inside of the Haygain steam generator. This descaler is safe for use in commercial environments, but be advised this descaler does contain acid, so it is very important to rinse out your steam generator after the use of descaler.