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HorseLight Timer/ Control Unit

Dhs. 850.00
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  • The HorseLight Controller features a pre-programmed timer to switch the HorseLight Original or Advanced lighting therapy systems on and off.
  • The controller is pre-programmed with four settings, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. These settings coincide with sunrise and sunset ensuring the stabled horse receives the optimum amount of strong daylight needed for health and performance.
  • The controller switches the blue/daylight spectrum lights on and off at the pre-progammed time.

E.G. Winter setting on at 7am and off at 6pm.

  • When used with HorseLight Advanced it turns the blue/white daylight spectrum lights on in the morning and switches over to the red night light.
  • Features a manual over-ride function.
  • Programme can be altered to suit yard working times.
  • For single light use can be supplied with a cable and 3 pin plug (UK) see the DIY Kit
  • For use with a chain of lights will need qualified electrician for installation.
  • Installation service is available from HorseLight, call for more details.
  • The controller’s in built clock needs too be manually altered twice per year to account for clocks going back or forward.
  • One controller can support from 1 to 30 stables