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Horses undergoing strenuous exercise produce significant amounts of lactic acid, often resulting in muscle fatigue. The acidification of the muscles causes muscle stiffness and muscle tremors that ultimately have a pernicious impact on the horse's athletic performance.

Lacta-Fort contains a high dose of natural substances that specifically optimize the energy process with a clear support of muscle metabolism. In addition, this supplement contains several components such as B vitamins, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine and beta-alanine which increase energy availability and inhibit the production of lactic acid. As a result, fatigue occurs less and there is a reduced risk of muscle tissue damage.

Lacta-Fort is also highly recommended during prolonged transportation. The horses travel more comfortably and arrive at their destination without any muscle stiffness, which again is crucial for optimal performance during competition days.

  • Mix 1 sachet (30 g) per horse, the evening before competition and 1 sachet (30 g) into the feed 3 to 4 hours before the start of competition or veterinary inspection
  • As a course of treatment for severe muscle stiffness: administer 1 sachet (30 g) for 5 days, then half a sachet (15 g) for 10 days

1 Box contains 10 bags of 30 g

2 Sachets are 2 x  30 g