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LCD Dispenser Startersset with 1 refill

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LCD Dispenser, 1x Flybusters spray 250ml refill and Batteries

A safe and effective fly trap system with an automatic and adjustable LCD dispenser (day / night and intervals of up to 60 minutes) and a powerful and natural remedy (Pyrethrum) for eliminating annoying mosquitoes, wasps and flies. The substance is harmless to people, animals and the environment.

Flybusters is suitable for example in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, on terraces, caravans, tents, cages, kennels etc.

Because the product is safe for humans and animals, the dispenser set can also be used in smaller (hobby) stables. For more information, go to Flybusters for horse boxes.

The LCD Dispenser is fully adjustable to your situation:
Specify the days on which the dispenser must spray
Specify the time frame within which the dispenser must spray (from 0:00 to 24:00)
Specify the number of minutes the dispenser should spray (every 15 minutes by default)

The dispenser indicates by means of an icon and audio signal when the batteries need to be replaced.