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Mane Brush

Dhs. 95.00
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- Easy detangling of mane and tail
- Does not damage the hairs of the horse
- Create easy to braid hairs
- Anti-bacterial rubberwood handle
- Comfortable to hold

What’s special
The Grooming Deluxe’s Mane Brush gets rid of all the knots in the horse’s mane and tail. The covered needle heads do not damage the hairs and create a great base to braid the horse’s hair.

Fabric & Materials
The handle of the Mane Brush is made from anti-bacterial and easy to clean rubberwood. The pins are polypropylene which is flexible enough not to damage the hair yet is strong enough to go through all the tangles.

Shape & size
The Mane Brush is comfortable to hold thanks to the 2 grips. The head is flattened, so it can be stored in your tack box easily. The mane brush is 21,5cm long.