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Nu-Ex-Cell is a natural proprietary blend of selected proteins and enriched growth factors combined with cell-derived vesicles that play a key role in intercellular signaling obtained from vet inspected healthy Australian deer placenta. 

Nu-Ex-Cell's rich source of nutrients contains a variety of natural proteins, enriched growth factors and cell derived vesicles. When injected intravenously or intramuscularly Nu-Ex-Cell is distributed systemically and subsequently activates the horses inherent stem cells in vivo. This produces a regenerative effect and a resulting improvement in the overall health and well being of the horse.

What benefits does Nu-Ex-Cell achieve? Muscle strength; Recovered and improved heart rate after hard workouts; Accelerated healing for ligament and tendon damage; Improved recovery down time from common injuries; Stamina, energy and endurance benefits; Joint support; Coat conditioning; Appetite stimulation; Enhancement of the immune system; Internal organ regeneration.