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Overreach boots heel protection Kentucky

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Color - Black
These Overreach Boots Heel Protection protect your horse from injuries caused by overreaching. Light, strong and flexible, they are also comfortable and do not turn or invert thanks to a ball we added inside the overreach boot. We gave them a more open and higher cut in the front to give more space to the hoof, which make these boots ideal for showjumping. The back part protects the heels and provide the horseshoes from being taken off. The outside is made of Solimbra fabric, which is 100% waterproof, strong and breathable. The inside is made of neoprene to provide best comfort to your horse. These overreach boots can resist all weather conditions. They are closed by a strong Velcro with the Kentucky logo on it. The Overreach Boots Heel Protection are machine washable at 30°, no dryer.

- Higher cut in the front to give more space to the hoof
- Solimbra outside, neoprene inside
- “Do not turn” ball
- Strong Velcro with Kentucky logo