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P-Block | Global Medics

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P-Block is a performance enhancing product with an extremely powerful and doping-free composition to support the locomotor system. Its soothing effect on highly stressed joints, tendons and muscles is widely praised by top international riders.

While joint supplements from Global Medics provide continuous daily musculoskeletal support, P-Block increases comfort even more during competition days through its powerful, relieving effect. This leads to a marked promotion of athletic performance and horses remain supple and in top condition until the end of the competition.

Sport horses performing at a high level or senior horses often suffer from chronic discomfort. The unique composition of plants that have anti-oxidative effects provide relief of stiff joints and muscles.
For a strong synergistic effect during competition days, it is recommended to combine P-Block with Lacta-Fort.

  • Mix 1 bag (30 g) per horse, the evening before competition and 1 bag (30 g) per horse three to four hours before the start of competition or veterinary inspection into the feed.

    1 Box contains 10 bags of 30 g

    2 Sachets are 2 bags of 30 g