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Recovery Gel Equivi

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External muscle and tendon recovery therapy for horses. • Restores and relaxes tired muscles and tendons. • Relieves the pain of muscle cramps. • Approved and certified by FEI lab. • Contains NO prohibited substances. • Is not sticky and leaves no dye.

Provides faster recovery during intense training or competition periods. Our gel stimulates an accelerated regeneration process of tired muscles and tendons, allowing your horse to recover much faster than before!

Focus on healing minor muscle and tendon injuries. Arnica, chestnut and camphor are known as "counter-irritant" ingredients that include: stimulates blood circulation (and therefore also the recovery process), relaxes tense and tired muscles and promotes damage repair (micro-cracks) during light to medium shocks. 

Our gels are packed with natural ingredients to speed up the recovery process of animals and humans. Tiny muscle tears are caused by repeated (over-)loading of specific (muscle) areas in eg legs, neck and back, which negatively affects the performance of your horse. Our recovering gel will accelerate the healing process by directly stimulating the affected muscles and tendons.