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Relax | Global Medics

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Relax was specially developed for stress-sensitive horses. Its unique composition provides a calming effect without loss of focus or endurance. By adding l-tryptophan, among other ingredients, it increases the release of serotonin in the brain. This has a positive impact on the horse's mood. L-tryptophan is also an essential amino acid that ensures normal functioning of the nervous system.

Furthermore, Relax contains magnesium, which has a dual function. On the one hand magnesium has a calming effect, on the other hand this mineral offers support to the muscular system, reducing muscle tension. Choline citrate and specifically selected herbs such as passiflora have been added to Relax because of their known calming effect.

  • Mix 20 g per horse, per day into the feed
  • Cure of 25 days