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Straw Pellets | Strovan 20kg

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Volume per bag: 20kg

This product is sold per bag of 20kg from now due to price increase from our supplier.

These straw pellets form the ideal environment for your horse, so that it feels comfortable and can stay in a comfortable horse stable. Straw pellets for horses are 100% natural and therefore very environmentally friendly. Your horse will not eat the straw pellets, but will experience the surface as soft and pleasant.

The properties of "Strovan Straw Pellets Animal" ensure that your horse can enjoy a clean and dry stable so that it not only feels comfortable, but also stays healthy.

Also suitable for other farm animals.

Benefits: -Based on 100% wheat straw;
               -Economical consumption: 1.50 bags per week;
               -Ammonia binder added = less odor;
               -Less labor;
               -Only wheat straw has a moisture-absorbing capacity of up to 400%;
               -Dust free;
               -Unlimited shelf life if stored dry;
               -Limited storage space required: 1 box x 1.5 bags / week x 13 weeks in one                         quarter = 19 bags of consumption.