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Top-Competition was specially developed to support sport horses. Horses that perform heavy efforts, over several competition days, often suffer from muscle fatigue, decrease in energy, stiff joints and decreased immunity. All of these factors contribute to reduced performance. Top-Competition offers a solution to these issues.

This supplement contains ingredients that act as antioxidants that loosen muscles and joints and increase energy levels. As a result, horses show an increase in strength, increased suppleness, faster recovery and increased resistance. Due to the presence of vitamins (B, C and E) as well as amino acids, it increases energy levels and stimulates immunity. The presence of antioxidants, vitamin E and specifically selected herbs reduce cell damage and increases recovery after exercise. Curcuma longa, besides acting as an antioxidant, also has a soothing and easing effect on strained joints and muscles.

Top-Competition is an all-in 1, doping free supplement that eliminates the need for several other nutritional supplements during competition days.

  • Mix 1 bag (40 g) per horse the evening before competition, 1 bag (40 g) each day of competition and 1 bag (40 g) the day after competition in the feed 

1 box contains 12 bags of 40 g

2 sachets are 2 x 40 g