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XXLLNT Lucerne

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XXLLNT Alfalfa Plus

Alfalfa Plus is a complementary feed for horses & ponies consisting out of 97% pure Dutch alfalfa and 3% linseedoil oil. The oil binds the alfalfa leaves and improves absorption. It is important that the leaves are properly absorbed, because these contain the highest nutritional value. Besides that, Alfalfa Plus contains the entire alfalfa plant, without the addition of grasses, straw or other roughage.

Alfalfa Plus stimulates chewing, the production of saliva and supports healthy digestion. Alfalfa Plus contains a relatively high protein content with high quality amino acids that are well absorbed. These amino acids are essential for many processes in the horses body and are important for building and maintaining musscle mass, good resistance, healthy skin and strong hooves.

The amount of calcium in lucerne can help neutralize the stomach acid. This prevents severe acidification of the stomach and thus helps to maintain a healthy stomach wall as well.

XXLLNT Digest Alfalfa Fiber Mix

Dutch Alfalfa, Grass and Timothy, mixed with linseedoil. It contains coarser alfalfa stems and the finer nutrient-rich alfalfa leaves mixed with grasses and timothy with a lower sugar-content.

Mixing Alfalfa with the grass and timothy results in a slightly reduced protein content and a tasty roughage mixture. The addition of linseedoil makes this product a low-dust feed supplement. Digest Alfalfa Fiber Mix stimulates the production of saliva and supports healthy digestion. Due to its soft and shorter structure, Digest Alfalfa Fiber-Mix is also easily digestible for horses. Digest Alfalfa Fiber-Mix contains no added vitamins & minerals.