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VanGorp| Mare/ yearling Pellets

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Volume: 20kg

This pellet has been specially developed for brood mares and yearlings up to 2.5 years old. The Horsefood Yearling / mare pellet is fed to pregnant mares from 3 months before the foal is born and during the lactation period. Then provide the mare with a maintenance pellet and the foal is given Horsefood Foal Pellet Start until the age of ± ½ years. After this, the foal is given the Yearling / mare pellet to give it support for further development. At an age of ± 2.5 years, switch to Horsefood Basic-Sport pellet, Condition pellet, XP-EQ Yeast pellet or Performance pellet. The Horsefood Mare pellet has balanced feed, mineral and vitamin contents. The added copper and zinc chelate ensure a high absorption in the blood. The energy and protein content in this pellet is tailored to the needs of young horses and pregnant and lactating mares.